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April 27 2014


November 29 2013

KaboList:2013-11-29 Talk
KaboList:2013-11-29 Talk

July 19 2013

Kilifi:2013-07-19 Face

June 11 2013

WikiLeaks:2013-06-11 Face
WikiLeaks:2013-06-11 Talk

March 07 2013




kabo-wiki-hive - talk kabo-wiki-hive - talk-feed

kabo-wiki-hive - talk talk

not much to say

Mattis Manzel:
There isn’t much to say. The kabo-wiki-hive is fast and running.

February 15 2013

WhoRThey:2013-02-15 Face

August 04 2012

WikiLeaks:2012-08-04 Talk

May 17 2012

WhoRThey:2012-05-17 Face

May 01 2012

WhoRThey:2012-04-28 Talk

April 27 2012




kabo-wiki-hive - face kabo-wiki-hive - face-feed

kabo-wiki-hive - face face

[de] Erste Versuche
[en] First attempts

[de] Erste Versuche werden derzeit im kabo-wiki-Nest unternommen, der wiki-Nest Struktur zu etwas Poesie zu verhelfen. Als Doppelspitze residiert darin ein Zweikern-wiki, bestehend aus dem Hauptwiki Namens kabo-wiki-Nest und dem kabo-Listen-wiki, das ein weiterer Namensraum im Hauptwiki ist - so wie es auch die anderen kabo-wikis sind. Das Listen-wiki führt sie alle zusammen. Es beherbergt darüber hinaus einige Tagesseiten-Sätze für das Hauptwiki. Diese Tagesseiten-Sätze werden ins Hauptwiki eingefügt indem [[kabo-Listen-wiki_-_tief_verlinkte_Seiten?]] verwendet werden. Tief verlinkte Seiten sind biestig zu schreiben, sie aktualisieren augenblicklich (anders als die Einfügungen von feeds, die eine Weile benötigen) und sie funktionieren allein innerhalb eines wiki-Nests (wohingegen feed Einfügungen quer über die Nester funktionieren). Erste Versuche.
[en] First attempts are currently taken in the kabo-wiki-hive to get some poetry into the wiki-hive structure. On top of the wiki-hive resides a dual-core wiki consisting of the main wiki called kabo-wiki-hive and the kabo-list-wiki which simply is another namespace in the main wiki just as all the other kabo-wikis are. The list-wiki aggregates them all and it holds a number of day-page-sets for the main wiki. These day-pages-sets are included into the main wiki by using the kabo-list-wiki - deep linked pages. Deep linked pages are nasty to write, they update instantly (other than the inclusions of feeds which take a while) and they do work insides of a wiki-hive only (whereas feed inclusions do work cross wiki-hive). First attempts.

April 25 2012




kabo-wiki-hive - talk kabo-wiki-hive - talk-feed

kabo-wiki-hive - talk talk

the facebook page for the main wiki in the kabo-wiki-hive

Mattis Manzel:
New pages in the day-page-sets face face and talk talk in the main wiki of the kabo-wiki-hive should now be automatically included into the
facebook - page kabo-wiki-hive facebook - page kabo-wiki-hive - and from there back into the local page facebook page kabo-wiki-hive.
The facebook page is for those to “like” who want to stay informed about what’s up in the main wiki of the kabo-wiki-hive.

April 21 2012




kabo-wiki-hive - talk talk-feed

step by step

Mattis Manzel:
Reworking the main wiki in the kabo-wiki-hive and reactivating the talk-feed. Things get more clear, step by step.

April 14 2012

KaboList:2012-04-14 Face
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